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Soda Pop Smash's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Soda Pop Smash

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WARNING: this is a takeover [23 Jan 2003|10:20pm]


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[23 Sep 2002|04:09pm]
Frustration KILLS like a mother fucker.
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[22 Sep 2002|08:27pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Im bored and i decided i am going to use this journal again. This journal is probly going to end up being friends only. violentxaffair will remain public. sooo. yeah. stay in school.

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[19 Jun 2002|08:41pm]
I made a new journal violentxaffair i added some of my friends, but i was way too lazy to add the rest of you, 15 minutes doing the same thing is a little much for me. maybe if livejournal would quit being a little bitch and work, i could do it a little faster. and everyone look here aliabuse for the sickest ring i've ever seen in my life.
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[17 Jun 2002|10:31am]
i'll never forget those days we had, and i'll never forget those nights, in the dark, in the pitch black moonlight

I have never felt more content in my entire life,
so I dont understand why I have to be selfish and
push for better things. I know you dont need to
have it bad just to want things to be better, but
why wish for things to be better, and risk making
them worse, when you are happy with the way things
are. I dont know where i am going with this, and
I'm not sure that any of you even understand what
I am trying to say, but this is really the only
outlet for emotions I have.
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[16 Jun 2002|06:40pm]
I thought this was interesting.

Taken from www.newredarchives.com

How Devout?Collapse )
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[14 Jun 2002|09:18am]
I passed, thats right Carlos, take that you jackass, fail me the first time, and now look at you, I laugh in your face, Carlos.
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[13 Jun 2002|11:52pm]
I am making a new journal, and i need a name. Here is a list of possible choices, tell me which ones you like or give me some suggestions of your own
Stray Red Dog
Teenage Heart
Bedroom Windows
City Babys Revenge
Bored and Violent
Faces From Below
I am Control
Violent Affair
My Disease Is Me
Untreated Symptom
Johnny Lockheart
Anger And Fear
Mindless Violence
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[11 Jun 2002|09:29pm]
[ mood | blah ]

gather round kids, its survey timeCollapse )

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[10 Jun 2002|11:15pm]
[ mood | blah ]

New user icon.

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[09 Jun 2002|05:00pm]
[ mood | angry ]

> : |

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[05 Jun 2002|12:15pm]
"god damn it thats twice....i want butts"
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[28 May 2002|05:20pm]
And if failing my test isnt enough car trouble in one day, on the way home from school some jackass rear-ended me . Aaron and I are having some neck pain = ]
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[28 May 2002|09:45am]
I just got back from my drivers test =[
see the face of discontent?
"well christopher, you didnt pass today" what a jackass, i declare.
He told me i failed because i didnt check my blind spot until one of my wheels was already in the turn lane. This is some bullshit.
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[25 May 2002|09:27pm]
Bored kids have pointless conversations

xArabxOnxRadarx: im thirsty
xArabxOnxRadarx: so do something about it bitch
xArabxOnxRadarx: or should I say
xArabxOnxRadarx: beotch
xArabxOnxRadarx: or should you say
xArabxOnxRadarx: beotch
xArabxOnxRadarx: if you like pina colata..........
xArabxOnxRadarx: I need a mini fridge
xArabxOnxRadarx: one that follows me around
xArabxOnxRadarx: you know how bad ass that would be?
xArabxOnxRadarx: it will have all sorts of cool things in it
xArabxOnxRadarx: and popsicles too
CHELSEAxGIRL: do you know how fat you would be?
CHELSEAxGIRL: ohh I like popsicles
CHELSEAxGIRL: guess what
CHELSEAxGIRL: im taking my driving test on friday
xArabxOnxRadarx: ha!
xArabxOnxRadarx: i will have my liscence
xArabxOnxRadarx: like
xArabxOnxRadarx: 3 days before you
xArabxOnxRadarx: muahahahaha
CHELSEAxGIRL: thast great
CHELSEAxGIRL: because its a race
CHELSEAxGIRL: i had to wait untill my dad got the license plates on his truck brfore i coul dtake it
CHELSEAxGIRL signed off at 9:20:44 PM.
CHELSEAxGIRL signed on at 9:20:56 PM.
xArabxOnxRadarx: and i will pull up to RACE ( see the emphasis on race? everything is a race) but you will say "oh but i dont have a liscense, becuase i suck and you won” then you will cry and i will laugh in the face of uh......
xArabxOnxRadarx: danger
xArabxOnxRadarx: = ]
CHELSEAxGIRL: you poor poor child
xArabxOnxRadarx: am not
CHELSEAxGIRL: im so board
xArabxOnxRadarx: me too
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[25 May 2002|01:44pm]
My little neighboor kids are the dumbest little bastards ever
"hey christopher can we go swimming in your pool today"
"maybe, im not sure"
"you said maybe, but i dont see and babies, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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[14 May 2002|06:17pm]
Happy birthday to Andi, have a wonderfull day.
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[13 May 2002|10:45am]
Some of the words are links and he has pictures to try and prove his theory, if you want to waste alot of time, go to his website http://www.timecube.com/
he is also offering $1,000.00 to anyone who can prove him wrong, I wish i knew what the fuck he was talking about so i could.

Such ignorance is damnable.Collapse )
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[04 May 2002|06:22pm]
I'm sure you have all seen this, but i really like this picture, justin sane's shirt is awesome.

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[28 Apr 2002|11:32am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Um. Chris is trapped under a pile of boxes. This is his cat....... please help.

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