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d.o.b: March 18th, 1986
location: oceanside, ca. where dreams are born
religion: none
occupation: hippin to my hop

hair: some say black, others say dark brown, thick, and fluffy
eyes: brown
height: 6'2"
figure: i figure you ought to pipe down liberachi

clothing: jeans, t-shirt, socks, shoes, sweatshirts
music: i listen to a wide variety of tunes
make up: no
body art: sometimes when i am bored i draw on myself

wearing: jeans, black shirt, business sweatshirt, socks
listening to: Against Me
thinking of: wicka wicka wicka, slim shady
feeling: sleepy

bought: a shake at dennys
did: gave kayla a cd i burned for her
ate&drank: Bite sized corn dogs and some juice, but did you hear that? bite sized!
read: my new newsweek that came in the mail today
watched on tv: the dirty dozen

club or houseparty: house party
tea or coffee: tea
beer or cider: cider
drinks or shot: jello shots, except no alcohol
cats or dogs: cats
single or taken : broken
pen or pencil: pencil
gloves or mittens: mittens
food or candy: food
cassette or cd: cd
coke or pepsi: ruby red squirt is the shit! let me tall yah
hard or mild alcohol: niether
matches or a lighter: lighter
sunset beach or the bold&the beautiful: soap is for your skin, not for operas.
Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey: They are both tubby, oprah is black, ricki wishes she could be so lucky. so either one

kill: nobody
hear from: i've always wanted to be one of those people who talks to jesus, and everyone comes to your house and wants you to ask him questions for them.
get really wasted with: i dont want to get wasted
tickle: pickles
look like: never really thought about it, but i think obsessing over you're appearance and wishing you looked like someone else only decreases your self worth.
be like: myself
avoid: wicka wicka wicka, slim shady

touched: kayla
talked to: my dad
hugged: kayla
instant messaged: kayla
kissed: sarah
fucked: over?
who broke your heart: sarah, but she safety pinned it back together for me, shes a doll like that

eat: my room
dance: i dont dance
cry: my room
wish you were: on a road trip

dated one of your best friends: yes
loved somebody so much it makes you cry: yes
drank alcohol: yes
done drugs: i contest the classification of marijuana as a drug, so no.
broken the law: yes
ran away from home: yes
broken a bone: one time i broke my arm and the day i got my cast off, i broke my leg.
cheated on a test: yes
played truth or dare: yes
flashed someone: no
mooned someone: no
kissed someone you didnt know: no
been on a talk show/game show: no
been in a fight: no sir
ridden in a firetruck: yes
been on a plane: yes
come close to dying: you couldnt really know, there are too many what if's.
cheated on someone: no
eaten a worm/mud pie: the oreo and gummi worm kind
swam in the ocean: yes
had a nightmare/dream that woke you up: no

the most embarrassing cd in your collection: the gettin headstones
your favorite thing for breakfast: cereal
your favorite thing for lunch: whatever is yummy in my tummy works for me
your favorite thing for dinner: wicka wicka wicka, slim shady
your favorite restaurant: dennys of course

a vegetarian? no
a good student: independent study is for idiots, i dont know you couldnt be a good student doing that crap.
good at sports: no
a good actress: no
a deep sleeper: yes
a good dancer: no
outgoing: depends on the situation
a good storyteller: i can be anything i want to be, its the 90's
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i honestly should punch you in the face.

by the way, your hair is jewish.

p.s. you can come get the MCD movie whenever.